Hi, Beto here. You can find me on Twitter, Indiehackers. My email: betolopezayesa@gmail.com

I've worked on many web scraping projects. This is the tool that I normally use for small-medium projects. You have everything you need. I would love to get some feedback before start to adding features in a rush.

If you did notice it, you can use this to find housing, to get prospects info, to scrape websites, to automatize tasks, tests, it really has a lot of power, and a lot of room for improvements, but yes you have to use some code (at least for now).

Contact me or ask me anything

I would love to read your thoughts on this, betolopezayesa@gmail.com




Free acount is 30 urls. When you visit more than 30 urls you will get a notice to upgrade your account. Pricing starts at $10.